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We create the perfect match

Our vision is to never settle for less than the perfect match. Based on this vision, we work in a proactive manner to connect talent and organizations!

During a personal intake interview, we first map out your wishes and needs. Based on this, we only find options that are a perfect fit.

Due to our thorough knowledge of the IT labor market, our career advice, and our personal guidance throughout the application process we will ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Never settle for less than a 100% match. We are not satisfied until you are.

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    Julian Mathies

    Julian Mathies

    Career specialist

    “I strive to connect the best people with the best companies, in the fast and ever-changing world of IT.

    When you are an IT professional in search of challenge, I will find your dream job that matches all your requirements.

    Maarten den Oudsten

    Maarten den Oudsten

    Job coach

    “To me, it’s all about people. Matching driven IT professionals with conscious priorities to organizations that align with their vision and work environment.

    Recruiting based on intuition. That’s what I do at We-Cruitment.”

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    We connect talent with organizations

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    We provide career advice

    Due to our in – depth knowledge of the IT sector we provide valuable feedback and keep you up to date on the trends and developments of the IT labor market.

    Do you want to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments? Feel free to contact us.


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    Do you want to make sure your resume is perfect to apply for a job? Do the free check!

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